A welcoming space that immediately makes one feel comfortable and at home.


Built in the historic neighbourhood of Unionville Village, this Emily Carr home harmoniously showcases the balance of traditional and contemporary design.


With this design, we seek to emphasize the essential components of architecture, drawing attention to light, colour, textures, and materiality. The client described their motivation to achieve both richness and simplicity, and in this design, we have surely achieved expectations.



The design of this family home applies contemporary ideals to a traditional aesthetic. Intimacy is found in many pockets throughout the home. The home is defined by a classical layout offering an abundance of different functional spaces – classic, comfortable environments that are perfect for a dynamic family with a wide range of needs.


The kitchen keeps things light, clean, and refreshing, with custom cabinetry contributing a warm and soft feel to the space. A glossy white backsplash portrays a classic image, with luxurious custom-built cabinetry concealing the appliances and a stainless-steel range giving the space a dose of modern utility.


Another highlight of this home: the family room. Located at the heart of the space, this room is accessible from the outdoor patio. The interiors display a cheerful, fresh attitude with white paneling throughout, with bookshelves giving the room a classic, refined feel providing a flexible environment with the space and furniture to host a variety of family activities.


The architectural details, such as an old-world wine cellar, and custom millwork throughout, complement the aesthetic of a home tailored for modern living. Emily Carr’s spaces include elements like rich wood finishes, antique accents, multi-level crown mouldings, and many more exquisite embellishments. A blend of traditional and contemporary, its design is perfect for the family with more flexibility in their style, creating a complementary balance between elegance and simplicity.


The entire home celebrates openness as it seamlessly integrates the various spaces into one cohesive family dwelling with natural lighting throughout. The lines, shapes, and surfaces of the home have themselves become the décor.


Emily Carr is a stylish, welcoming space that immediately makes one feel comfortable and at home. And when it comes to family living, it’s hard to beat this beautiful—and functional—PURE home. 


Key Features

  • Detailed architectural trim package with coffered-ceilings and full panel wainscoting throughout.

  • Old-world walk-in wine cellar.

  • Georgian-style portico with engraved house marker.

  • Site-finished white oak floors with herringbone and walnut inlays.

  • Custom-crafted solid wood mahogany entry door.