Form follows function in these stunning, clean and simple modern abodes.


To keep it simple, these two modern architectural structures – semi-detached homes in the heart of Toronto’s South Hill neighbourhood – focus on the use of industrial metals like steel, concrete and glass to create a functional aesthetic that is hard not to be memorable.


The Edmund properties are defined by clean lines and minimalist interiors that allow the structures to speak for themselves and take centre-stage in a very eclectic neighbourhood of traditional and modern homes that harmoniously co-exist.


Despite the simplistic styling, the Edmund properties are modern designs that manage to be anything but boring and definitely not cookie-cutter. Designed by Arcica Architects, with Bryon Patton and Associates managing interior deisgn, these properties both equate to a unique, artistic design – and with a restrained palette  – that truly stand out.


And less is definitely more. After all, these designs are meant to speak for themselves, making their own statement through their structure and functionality.


Everything is kept simple.


Achieving warmth in modern architectural design can often be challenging. But the designs of these homes feature elements that are naturally warm and inviting, such as the large windows that let large amounts of natural light drench the linear, clean and uncluttered interiors. The fewer walls conveyed here also help to create the very welcoming, open living space that the owners intended.


These modern designs are unique, warm, inviting and open creations of structural beauty. They're absolutely daring designs, and we love the inspiration behind them and the courage to bring them to life.


Key Features

  • 22’ aluminum curtain wall windows.

  • Cantilevered glass-enclosed office.

  • Custom-cut dimensional limestone and aluminum composite panels (ACM) for ventilated façade.

  • Bellini custom kitchen and millwork.

  • Pet-wash station.

  • Thermory custom-milled decking.

  • Radiant heating and Snowmelt system.

  • Fully-integrated smart-home automation.