Emphasizing simplicity and efficiency, the influence of modern aesthetic is beautifully apparent.


In the heart of Toronto’s Ledbury Park, a beautiful modern home has risen, marrying natural inspirations with luxury materials.


Combining traditional elements of architecture, including wood, brick, porcelain, limestone, and marble with innovative materials such as glass, chrome, and other metals, Dunblaine is one of the most modern and progressive homes in this exclusive neighbourhood. Modest in scale, it adheres to a design philosophy emphasizing simplicity and efficiency.


It’s an easy home to live in because it’s reflective of how the homeowners’ wished to live.

The collection of materials serving as the skin of this house is distinct and extensive, using exterior walnut accents, stucco, natural stone façades, and paneling to remind the onlooker of the organic harmony achieved in nature, but expressed through a contemporary linear frame.


The interior utilizes the strength of White Calacatta Marble as focal and tactile cladding, while pulling off of the natural toned-down white oak floor, together creating a balance of hard and soft elements.


With a light-filled, open floor plan and emphasis on indoor/outdoor living, Dunblaine’s layout resonates with its owners, with the kitchen, dining, and living spaces all being contiguous. Indoor and outdoor living is something that they really wanted to build into their design. Overall, the design is the opposite of fussy, and that’s what has appealed to the owners. They were after more simplicity and elegance and efficiency, and this home definitely delivers. 

It’s an easy home to live in because it’s reflective of how the homeowners' wished to live.


The result is a house which is not only responsive to its owners’ needs, but also exceeds their expectations with the highest standards of design.


Key Features

  • Suspended open-hearth fireplace by Ergofocus with 360o rotation.

  • Oversized solid mahogany door.

  • White oak Infinity staircase with steel z-stringers, featuring stainless steel wall-mounted handrails and glass guardrails.

  • Façade cladded in custom-cut dimensional limestone with Laminam porcelain slabs.

  • Ceiling-to-floor white Statuario marble slab fireplace.

  • LED backlit limestone front porch with built-in oversized planters.